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Website Design

I create simple, drag and drop interfaces designed to be easy to edit and update by yourself.

SEO Strategy

SEO  for websites and online stores. Make sure the technical side of your site isn’t letting you down!

Technical Support

Guidance and assistance for anything website, SEO or SEM based. Send your queries my way.

Website Migration

Migrating to a new website provider, or changing your domain without damaging your SEO and rankings.

Site auditing

Complete SEO and design analysis of your website highlighting positives and areas for improvement.

Website Refresh

Redesigning, updating or adjusting an existing website. Giving dated sites a new lease of life.

Website Design

My website design service is a one off cost to design and build your site on WordPress. I don’t believe you should have to pay a subscription to keep your website so once your site is complete you will have full ownership and editing capabilities. I choose to use WordPress as it is very versatile, secure and good for optimising your SEO. However, if you have a preferred platform I can quote on that. If you need a training session to get familiar with your new site I can arrange for this. Or I can send you a guide on how to navigate the site for editing. If you are thinking about using this service, a great start is to look at other websites you like the style of and make a note of these. You may even want to screenshot aspects of existing webpages you like.

Seo strategy

Search engine optimisation ensures that your website is complying to the ‘rules of the internet’ and that you are making the most out of your content. If you are looking to improve your rankings, or are wondering why you aren’t getting much website traffic, then the technical side of your site may be letting you down. I can complete a site audit to demonstrate the areas for improvement on your website and then make the needed changes. I can also give you advice on how to build your site’s reputation over time. Unfortunately with SEO there are no immediate results, this is a long term mission that is constantly evolving and updating. What worked 2 years ago for improving your SEO may now be penalised under new search engine criteria.

Technical Support

Guidance and assistance for anything website, SEO or SEM based. I can help and advice on issues regarding your website, if your site keeps crashing or you just can’t fix or an adjustment to your page layout. If you are needing training on WordPress or other website platforms I can come out to you and teach you how to navigate your site. I can also set up website analytics and show you how best to use these free tools available such as Google analytics and webmaster tools.

Website migration

Moving a website to a new domain without damaging the SEO or moving your website to a new platform. Don’t let your website platform or domain name hold your business back. Many platforms don’t allow for the growth your business may need. When you move to a new domain, it is important that the correct 301 redirects are set up and the sites internal and external linking is preserved otherwise you will damage your SEO and rankings progress.

Site auditing

A fully comprehensive site audit which highlights positives and areas for improvement across your whole website. This is a report designed to give you a better understanding of your website features and why they are important.

  • Duplicate content – If detectable this is penalised by search engines.
  • Web page visibility – shows redirects and any 404 errors (404 error means the page cannot be found).
  • Meta data – title and description texts shown in search engine results.
  • Page content – number of internal and external links and word counts.
  • Page links – highlights internal linking and shows if there are any broken links.
  • Images – checks for alt text, title text, broken images and file sizes (all images should be optimally compressed to reduce page loading speeds).
  • Semantics – checks the coding of each page to make sure the correct tags are being used on headings, subheadings and paragraph text. This is very important for search engines to understand the layout of a page and the weighting of titles over paragraph text.
  • Page speed – shows images and script that needs optimising to improve page loading speed on desktop and mobile.
  • Page sizes – Identify which pages need to compress their content to improve loading speeds.
  • I will also note on any visual issues I notice on the site.

Website refresh

Giving a dated website a new lease of life. Whether it be a site that needs updating to the latest versions, or just a new ‘lick of paint’, this package is ideal for people who perhaps have a smaller budget but still want to give their website a revamp. It also ensures the safe delivery of important website updates which ensure you have a secure website. This will also include a full site audit and SEO analysis.

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