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There is no one-size-fits-all for social media content, it depends on your brand and audience. Modern social media exposes the human side of a business with increasing numbers of people choosing brands which connect with them on a more personal level.

People don’t like adverts

Focusing every post on the sale of your product or service isn’t going to drive the interest you want in your social media. People don’t like adverts, they get in the way of what they actually want to see. Don’t make your social media accounts into advertising boards, people can go to your website to see what you sell or do. They come to social media for insights, inspiration and content that is valuable to them.

So how do you get your point across whilst keeping people engaged and wanting more?

Aim for all your content to be:


Be creative with how you share your message. People get bored of seeing and reading the same content.


Make sure your posts are ultimately relevant to your brand, otherwise it won’t make sense to your audience.


Share valuable information that will benefit the end reader. Teach, inspire, share tips and insights.

People follow you because they want to gain something

If you consistently provide them with valuable content they will begin to trust you or your brand and come back for more. Don’t be afraid to put your face out there and tell them a bit about yourself. The content you post should be tailored to your audience or who you want your audience to be. Look back at your previous posts, which were more successful and why?

On my account, posts which include a picture of me always have the best engagement, followed by images with text on top. I don’t stick to these post types alone but they make up the bulk of my Instagram page because they have proven results.

Final Tip:

If it isn’t already, switch your Instagram page to a business page to see all these engagement insights.